Stand Out With Solva, Where Your Business Goals Are Realised

Purposeful business transformation and resilience are delivered to clients at Solva Group; where nothing is unSolvable.

Who We Are

We offer specialised project consulting and business advisory services to help transform your business in this era of rapid technological change, where operational efficiency and digital readiness are paramount. We are PMI and AXELOS certified project advisors and strategists, here to help your business or organisation succeed and be resilient.

Picture of Nakazzi Kiyaga-Mulindwa for Solva Group Inc.

“The services Nakazzi offers are valuable, reliable, and incredibly useful. Her work is always on time, and on budget. So you’re getting excellent value for your money.”

~Mike, Retired CEO

What We Do

Solva Group specialises in project consulting one-on-one with businesses for all of your professional needs. Whether you are looking to expand, increase profits, efficiently manage human capital, or become an exemplary leader; our PMI and AXELOS certified project management and advisory consultants are committed to providing you with the skills and confidence your organisation needs to truly thrive.

Man wearing a Hard Hat in Plant - for Solva Group Inc.

“We found Nakazzi very responsive, accommodating, extremely disciplined and professional. Having an effective discovery methodology, the ability to listen, good organizational and communication skills led to a positive result that satisfied our objectives and exceeded our expectations.”

~Andrew, Heavy Industrial Sector

How We Do It

Our Process

We move quickly to engage our clients and help solve business issues to gain substantive results. We build a relationship of trust; by combining your people and our skills and expertise, we work toward your sustained success.

Our Values

Our core values are embedded in how we work: respectful interaction, engaged participation, honest communication and trusting that carefully considered change leads to incredible results.

Our Approach

We guide you through delivery with a process of planning, executing and adjustment, and by using techniques and methods that may include:

  • Agile Transformation
  • Citizen Development
  • Business Practice Optimisation
  • Project Management
  • Project Leadership Coaching
Cinema Lightbox saying 'Think Outside the Box' - Solva Group Inc.

“We help clients achieve business success by practicing effective consulting. Effective consulting is about clarity. It is important that there is real clarity with regard to purpose and in particular about the intended objective. It is only then that delivered solutions are adopted and businesses become resilient. This is how Solva Group helps clients.”

~Nakazzi, Solva Group


We provide over 20 years of excellent advisory services in strategy, management, operations and IT consulting that our clients can truly rely on.

Strategy Consulting

We specialise in services to assist your corporation or government entity in the areas of C-suite, functional and operations strategy.

Management Consulting

We work with your organisation to improve effectiveness of business strategy, organisational change management performance, operational practices, and project leadership coaching.

Operations Consulting

We work to improve your organisation’s internal operations and performance across the value chain and specialise in value chain analysis and business practice optimization.

IT Consulting Services

We work with you in the following disciplines: IT strategy, Citizen Development, IT implementation, ERP services.


We are proud to affiliate with the organisations below as part of our continual development as a company.